Boltz Club Covid 19 Statement  

Boltz Club aims to open on the 4th July 2020 to all members.

InLine with the most recent government advise we aim to open the entire Boltz complex as a ‘non-sexual contact’ bar from the 4th July.

Please read the information to see what we are doing to minimise the risks to you and our team. And of course to ensure you are not turned away when trying to attend.

We have carried out a full risk assessment on site and we are doing everything in our powers to make your visit as safe as we can.

Booking to attend.

To control guest numbers in the venue we are asking you to book in advance which can be done from our website by using the Covid19 Booking form.  This will give you full access to club events. If you arrive at the door , and we have room, then we will accommodate you.

Attending the club.

Please do not attend the club if you are showing any signs of Covid19. These symptoms are a Temperature, A new continuous dry cough, or a sudden onset of loss of taste or smell. If you have had a positive diagnosis of Covid19 and are now recovered please abstain from the venue for a period of 28 days after symptoms ceased.

Temperature Readings

We will not be taking the temperature of every member on arrival at the club however will be undertaking random testing. Members who refuse a temperature check or show a temperature with an abnormal reading will be denied access to the club. Please do not be offended if you are refused an entry, go home and follow government advise for self isolation.

Social Distancing

Members must try to maintain a 2 meter distance from each other, unless they are members of the same household or support bubble. All rooms within the venue have a social distancing ‘Maximum Number’ clearly displayed at the entrance to it, no more than that number should be inside at any moment in time. Sexual Activity. Interaction of a contact based sexual activity is not permitted within the venue, unless it is between people of your household or support bubble. It is acceptable to participate in Voyeur activities.

Hand Sanitisation

Antibac is strategically placed around all areas of the building. Please use this as you walk past, especially before and after using the toilets. Team members will be cleaning all frequently touched surfaces on a regular basis, but your help us appreciated.


We will be operating bar service as follows. Please Order, collect, pay and then move away from the bar area as quickly as possible. Please follow the flow layout at the bar which is a one way system, do not stand talking at the bar and avoid leaning on any counters. Please pay with cash using the tray system to provide money and obtain any change back. The bar team may take longer to serve you due to these measures, please queue for the bar remaining 2 meters apart. We would expect that only one person from each party attends the bar to purchase all drinks. Glasses and bottles. Please try to retain your own glass for your drinks throughout the evening. All bottles will be decanted into a glass. Please do not leave drinks unattended as they will be removed by staff.

Dark Room

The dark room has now been turned into a temporary seating hub. Smoking Area The smoking area has been made slightly larger. If you wish to socialise with others, please ensure you keep to social distancing measures.

Room Capacities

Each room and cubicle has a capacity clearly shown at the entrance. For example capacity 6 people. These limits must not be exceeded. If the area looks busy. Please do a quick headcount and move elsewhere if it looks like the limit has been reached.

Play Rooms

The entire venue will be open for use including the bull ring, these rooms are for use by households or people within the same social bubble.

Test and Trace

We aim to assist with test and trace as much as we possibly can. If chatting to others at the club for considerable amounts of time, please ensure you atleast know their first names. If we as a club contact you with a potential Covis Outbreak, you need to be able to tell us who you was in close proximity to during your visit. We will be changing our terms and conditions of membership to allow us as a venue to contact you if we believe you may have been in contact with an infected person. Wwe ask that anyone who visits and contracts Covid19 within seven days of their visit to contact us immediately so we in turn can contact other club attendees. If you need to be discreet then let us know so we can be extra careful and discuss your preferred method of contact.