We get asked a lot of questions about a lot of things so we thought it best to capture them for you below:

Will it be busy when I attend?

We think we are great but we haven't quite go the hang of getting that pesky crystal ball to work, from experience we find that it doesn't have to be busy to have a good time.

Do you provide condoms and lube?

Absolutely, there is a plentiful supply of condoms and lube available for our members.

I don't have any ID on me, can I come in anyway?

Absolutely not, we provide a safe space for our customers who all must be validated members, besides which, our livelihood is more important than that.

Do I have to do anything?

Nope, if you want to just come in and soak up the atmosphere that is fine, we nor our members will push you in to anything you do not want to be involved in. We understand you may be nervous, please do not worry, everybody was new at some point.

Do I have to buy a drink?

Our policy is that all members must buy a drink if they wish to use the facilities available to them, we understand that not everybody wishes to buy a drink so offer an alternative of a £5 door fee when there is free entry into the venue.