Not A Member?

Club Rules


Boltz club is a private members only club, membership is free and you can sign up as a new member using the link above. Photo ID will be requested of you, we are unable to accept anything other than a driving licence or in date passport . Boltz will hold your name and date of birth on its database which is held on a secure server, during the sign up process a photograph will also be required of you which will help us identify you on future visits.

Dress Code

Boltz offers a relaxed dress code for most of its opening hours, there are however occasions where we hold special events where a strict dress code is enforced, please see individual events listings for further information. We do not allow Sandals, Flip Flops, Open Toe Footwear or bare feet in the club at any time.

Drugs Policy

Boltz has a zero tolerance policy to drugs, meaning if you are caught with drugs, taking drugs or dealing in drugs you will be banned from the venue and your details will be passed onto West Midlands Police.

Play Rules

We want our members to feel safe, at ease and horny at all times! This means when playing that all members should respect the other play mates and members! Do not hassle members, if you are told no or clearly the member isn't interested then it means NO! If you are being bothered by a club member please report them to a member of staff who will resolve the situation. Repeat offenders will see their membership revoked.

When playing we encourage the use condoms and lube, which provided free of charge, these are easily accessible throughout the club. If you have trouble finding any, ask a member of staff who will be happy to point you in the right direction. However we understand this is your personal choice.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones in any area apart form the bar and smoking area is strictly forbidden, this is to ensure our members anonymity, If you are seen taking photos on your mobile phone or any other device you will be banned.


During events a club photographer may be on site, the photographer has been given express permission to take photos of the club and members. Our photographer will ask you if you want your photo taken before it is taken, anyone caught in the background will have their faces blurred.

Conditions Of Membership

  1. Boltz will hold personal your personal data on a secure server, including your Name, Date Of Birth and ID Document Number, we will also take a picture of you
  2. Boltz has a no bag policy in the venue, all bags should be handed in to a member of the team
  3. Boltz operates a strict no drugs policy, anybody under or suspected of being under the influence of drugs will be refused entry or asked to leave the venue, we will report the offender to the local authorities
  4. The use of mobile phones is restricted to use in the bar and smoking area only
  5. No photos should be taken within the premises unless express consent is given by the manager on duty
  6. Condoms and Lube are provided free of charge for your use, we understand that people have the freedom of choice to participate in sexual acts without protection however Boltz promotes and encourages Safe Sex - If you require additional supplies of Condoms and Lube please speak to a member of the team
  7. The practice of 'Scat Play' (Faeces) is forbidden throughout the venue
  8. Watersports (Piss Play) is reserved for designated areas only
  9. Boltz operates a minimum drinks price which may vary from time to time
  10. Boltz operates a policy where members must make a purchase from the bar on each visit to the venue
  11. Boltz provides a safe environment for people to engage in sexual activity, you are not forced to participate in anything that you do not feel comfortable with, and likewise you should not force yourself onto somebody who has no interest, please speak to a member of the team if you feel pressured.
  12. Members should not allow any other person into the venue through any means
  13. Boltz believes in freedom of speech and personal opinion however will not tolerate prejudiced behaviour that may cause offence 

Any member found to be in breach of any other the conditions above will be refused entry to the venue and membership will be revoked.