Dress Code;

This event is a strict dresscode of Underwear or Naked Only. You must wear footwear at all times.

Event Info

Dare2Bare is one of the clubs biggest and most popular events, running on the first Sunday of every month between 15:00 and 20:00, it brings a horny mix of men, in their underwear or just naked! The feel is chilled, relaxed and even somewhat liberating to be walking round the club in next to nothing. The club heaters are on full to keep you all warm, thought you wont need to worry as there are always plenty of horny guys to keep you hot and bothered! The entrance fee for this event is £3

Wrist wallets are available for a £2 deposit - please ask at reception.

Your next Dare 2 Bare is 

Sunday 7th October 2018 

Followed by the following

Sunday 4th November 2018

Sunday 2nd December 2018