Boltz boasts a variety of play spaces, rooms, equipment and men to make sure you get the best use out of the space!

The Bar

The bar is located in the middle of the club, with access to it from all sides, keeping it in the centre means everyone keeps "flowing" through the club easily, order your drinks here, chill out, socialise and relax in this area between your fun at the club!

New Cinema Room

With a fresh design and in a new space, the cinema room is back, hornier than ever. With a flat screen TV, showing the hottest video's on the planet! The area is darkly lit, meaning play is encouraged while your favourite movies are playing!

Piss Room

All pigs wishing to participate in water sports, please do only in the outside urinal area & NOT in private cubicles/dark rooms etc. There are heated lamps in the outdoor area to dry off and get ready for more action before coming back into the club. Members breaking these rules & found urinating in non ws areas will be barred.
Huge communal padded bed area, perfect for group/orgy sessions. Also two large sized cubicles for private groups too.


The toilets are there for obvious reasons, but if you enjoy "cottaging" they are also a great place to pick up and fuck in one of the stalls! 

Smoking Area

The smoking area is located outside, but is fully under cover with heaters, seating area, and a outdoor piss area if you fancy that too! Smoking is only allowed in this area, its strictly prohibited anywhere else in the club!

Dark Room& Stalls

The sizeable dark room is obviously very very dark, so perfect place for an anonymous grope! Please be careful as the dark room is obviously dark, there is usually guys on their knees doing what comes naturally! New cubicle/stalls are now ready to be used! Bigger than before, with bigger glory holes and a sling cubicle with a barred window, for you pigs to put on a show!


The Labyrinth is only open at the clubs busiest events, get lost in this little maze, full of nooks, a sling, dark room, glory holes, etc. You never know what you might find!

Dance Floor

Again this is only open for the bigger events, with lights, blasting sound system and DJ booth and a stage for live acts! This space is changed depending on the events, and used accordingly. Check event info for more details!

The Bull Ring

The clubs shining jewel! This little area has several themed rooms, depending what your into! Some come with doors,a lock and peep hole, so you can let guys at least see the action even if they missing out on it! Rooms include a web chain room, motorbike room, orgy room, dungeon room, sling room and slave room! 


Boltz-Club is a members only club, membership is free and you can sign up as a new member on the door. Photo id, driving licence, passport, any other legal photo ID is recommended to help with this process please. Your name, DOB & Boltz take your photo fo you to verify you on your visits, this info stays on Boltz secure/private database as its in our terms & conditions of the "18+ sex venue license" that the venue holds. There are many posters around the club stating its a "Members only venue", please ask a member of staff or management to sign you up while you are there.

Dress Code

Boltz offers a Relaxed Dress code for most of its opening hours. Although on some events there is a "STRICT DRESS CODE" enforced, please see individual events listing for more info. A strict Dress code is enforced on "Dare 2 Bare", “OiFest” & "Bulge" events. We DO NOT allow Sandals, Flip-flops, Bare Feet,in the club at any time!

Drugs Policy 

Boltz has a strict anti-drug policy, meaning if you are caught with drugs, taking drugs or dealing in drugs. You will be banned and possibly reported to the police. 

Play Rules

We want our members to feel safe, at ease and horny at all times! This means when playing, please respect the other play mates and members! Do not hassle members, if you are told no or clearly the member isn't interested then it means NO! If you are being bothered by a club member please report them to a member of staff who will have a quiet word with them. Repeat offenders could see their membership revoked and them BANNED from the club, for a period of time or even permanently!
When playing please use lube and condoms provided, which are easily accessible throughout the club. If you have trouble finding any, ask a member of staff who will be happy to show you!


The use of mobile phones for photo purposes is STRICTLY prohibited! This is to ensure our members anonymity. If you are seen taking photos on your mobile or any other device, you may be banned. We want our members to enjoy the club worry-free, so please ensure you stick to these rules.
During events a club photographer may be on site, he has been given express permission to take photos of the club and its members. He will ask if you want your photo taken before it is taken, anyone caught in the background will have their faces blurred. Any members who had their photos taken can check them out on facebook and the website, you are free to use the photos as long as you do not remove the watermark, crop or edit them in anyway without the express permission of the photographer. All the photo rights belong to the photographer, by agreeing to have your photo taken you agreeing to these terms. 
However if you change your mind, get a new job etc, he is happy to remove them from the site and facebook. Please be aware though once they have been put into the "public domain" there is no guarantee they will be gone forever. Any questions regarding photos contact the web admin.